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There’s a reason why a “solid foundation” is always viewed as a good thing, no matter the context. It’s equated to having things in order from the get go, having the best base on which to develop anything, and for your home or business, a solid foundation is key to building success and security atop it. At Enid Foundation Repair we bring you all the foundation services you need to attain this characteristic for your property.

About Us

We are a company dedicated to not only bringing the best in foundation repair services, but modelling our offerings in such a way that leaves you feeling confident and taken care of when our work is done. Whether this is through our customer focused service experience, or in the high quality work that we leave behind on your Enid property. We are determined to be the industry leaders in the city when it comes to all things foundation related, and can’t wait for the opportunity to show you the skills and experience we bring to our work. 



Each of the service offerings that we bring to your Enid home or business are about bringing results, and leaving your property in the best possible shape to face the future. Giving you a strong and fundamental foundation on which the rest of your life can rest atop comfortably. No matter the services you need, from your homes pier and beam foundation, to your business slab repair, you can be sure that we have the skills and qualifications needed to bring you the best results in the city, giving you a strong and reliable base for your future endeavors.

Slab, Pier and Beam Repair and Drainage Services

Slab Repair

Concrete slab is the most common of Enid area household and business foundations, and therefore an aspect of home construction that we know very well. When you find yourself dealing with any issues in your homes slab foundation, you can count on us to bring you the professional repairs you need to bring back its strength and stability. We bring you the most experience and expertise possible in the city.

Pier & Beam Repair

Though not as common as slab foundations anymore, there is still the need for those with professional knowledge when it comes to pier and beam foundations, and you can bet that the experts at Enid Foundation Repair can bring you the services you need. We have extensive knowledge of all things foundation related, and whether you’re suffering mildew issues or weakening of your floors you can rely on our expertise to bring you the repairs you need.

Commercial Foundation Repair, Concrete Lifting and Basement Waterproofing

Commercial Foundation Repair

We deliver the commercial foundation repair services you need to keep your business standing strong and supported. When dealing with the foundation to your business, it’s impossible to understate its value, and without the right foundation in place, your business is closed to the public and therefore costing you money. At Enid Foundation Repair we bring you the repairs you need for your business at an affordable rate, keeping you making money, rather than losing it.

Concrete Lifting

When you find that the concrete in your foundation or other concrete installations is beginning to tilt or tip, then getting the right lifting service for your home is in order. We bring you the environmentally friendly options you need to effectively deal with the problem and bring your home back on the straight and narrow. No matter the service you need, you can be sure that we deliver with the highest efficacy and professional deliver in Enid.


n order to bring you our services, we first need to hear from you, and we bring the means of doing so in the easiest fashion possible to you. When you call into our offices, you will be greeted by a professional on our staff who can direct your call, set appointments, or provide you with more information on the services we offer. We aim to bring you a customer centric experience, and to leave the conversation with you feeling like a valued asset to our company, in turn showing our appreciation for your business with the best offerings in the city.

Foundation Repairs Enid

“Building my business from the ground up was a nightmare of decisions, but fortunately Enid Foundation Repair gave me a moment of respite. Their service was simple to attain, and they did amazing work, laying the foundation on which my business will stand for many years to come.” – Julie K.

“I may be one of the last homes in the city with a pier and beam foundation, which makes finding a repair company hard. But after calling Enid Foundation Repair they assured me they had the knowledge, and after the service they brought to my home, I believe them.” – Greg D.

“We started to notice that the basement walls of our home were getting more and more damp each spring, after contacting Enid Foundation Repair for an assessment, we found that the ground water was collecting against the walls. They brought us an amazing waterproofing service, and the problem is gone.” – John A.