​Pier & Beam Repair

Though not as frequently seen as of late, there are still hundreds of homes across the Enid area that rely on a pier and beam foundation, and having the right professionals you can rely on for these specialized foundations is important.

Up and Over
            Pier and Beam foundations used to be the go to design, especially as the knowledge to keep homes protected from water was in its infancy, and across the country you will still find homes using this method of foundation, especially in areas prone to heavy rains and flooding. If your Enid home has a pier and beam foundation, you may already know the difficulty in which lies finding the right professionals for repair services. At Enid Foundation Repair though, we bring the right repair solutions to all manner of foundations, and deliver the experienced services you need for yours.

Mold Issues
            One of the potential drawbacks to a pier and beam foundation is the propensity to garner unwanted microbial attention, such as the growth of mold and mildew. As this area is constantly cool and dry, and with settling water resting underneath, it is a breeding ground for these little organisms, and bringing the solution in which to deal with them while retaining the strength of your pier and beam foundation is the experts at Enid Foundation Repair. We know how to bring you the results you need without any long lasting negative effects to the wood of your foundation.

Weakening Wood Beams
            Another potential issue that you may find yourself facing is the weakening of the wood in your foundation. This is generally unavoidable without the right maintenance service in place as wood is just inherently not as long lasting a material as concrete. Getting the right services and replacement wood parts to your foundation is important, and the right installation can make a world of difference. At Enid Foundation Repair we bring you the services you need to bring back the strength to your pier and beam foundation, and to add years to it’s lifespan under your Enid area home.

Strong and Straight
            Whether dealing with warping or a spongy feeling in your floors, you may be due for a maintenance to your pier and beam foundation. Over time the earth underneath this area will settle and shift, which can cause uneven footing for your foundation, and cause wood to warp and bend. Getting the right replacements and repairs done in the right time can turn around these effects and bring back the dependable pier and beam foundation you need. For all your requirements in this specialized type of foundation, you can depend on the experts at Enid Foundation Repair to bring you the best results.