​Pier & Beam Repair

The proper drainage can protect and prolong the life of your homes foundation, and bringing the right drainage solution to your particular needs is the end goal of Enid Foundation Repair. With each individual home comes it’s own unique needs, and relying on a company that believes there is a one size fits all solution can find you out money, and wading ankle deep in your basement.

Foundation Protection
            Any homeowner knows that the foundation of your home needs to be kept dry, water contact to your foundation can weaken it over time, leading to unnecessary stresses on the walls and slab, and eventually leading to cracks and other damages. Choosing to have a drainage and waterproofing solution put into place will help you avoid these situations by using a cost effective prevention to avoid expensive repairs. Enid Foundation Repair brings you all the experience and expertise needed to have the right professional home drainage put into place to protect your home from these occurrences.

French Drains
            A French drain is a highly popular option for home drainage as its one of the most effective. With a simple installation you can find that the water that makes it way to your home is significantly reduced. By digging a trench around your home and laying a drain pipe, we loosely fill the area with a more porous material to ensure proper draining, this water then collects in the laid drain pipe and is carried off harmlessly, ensuring that you have a dry basement and foundation with little to no impact on the property around your home.

            A secondary layer of protection when it comes to a drainage solution is having the proper waterproofing installed. Choosing a service such as a membrane installation brings you that barrier needed to ensure that even with a successful drain in place, you are always covered from the worst case scenarios. If your home area is inundated with flood waters, or long lasting heavy rains, your drain may struggle to keep up, with the right waterproofing in place though, you have that redundancy in place to ensure that your foundation and basement walls always stay dry.

Dry and Solid
            Each of the drainage services we bring are aimed at bringing you the solutions you need to avoid water accumulation near your foundation. We aim to bring you the professional services needed to bring you the right protection, and to keep your home on solid footing. We have assisted hundreds of homeowners just like you across the Enid area when it comes to keeping foundations dry, and bring the weight of our experience to every task we undertake. When the protection of your home is important to you, it’s time to call in the pros, who bring you an effective and long lasting solution at a price that can’t be beat.