​Concrete Lifting

When you lay down concrete for any reason, whether of stairs leading up to your home, or for your foundation, there’s a certain expectation that it’s going to stay where you place it, yet the ground underneath doesn’t always play by those expected rules. The constant shifting and moving that occurs with your lands wet and dry periods can lead to eventual shifting of your concrete.

Shifting Steps
            One of the more common concrete shifting affects you may see over time across many homes, including your own, is the eventual shift and settling of stairs leading up to your home. As the rest of your house is laid on a large foundations and then built atop it, these stairs are normally just built onto the ground level, and having combined weight of people using the stairs, plus the grounds tendency to shift over time, you can find yourself with shifted steps. Enid Foundation Repair has the services you need to straighten out these areas, and to prolong their overall life.

Tilted Tile
            Whether you have concrete tiles put into place for a walkway or a patio, you can easily notice the movement of the ground below as after a few years it seems that no two tiles are facing the same way at the same angle. With so many small installations this isn’t an uncommon occurrence, and can lead you to pulling your entire walkway to tamp it over again and reinstall. We offer you the more permanent solution of having the right concrete lifting service put into place to provide your walking areas with a more solid footing on your property.

Faulting Foundations
            It’s also not uncommon over time to notice that your foundation is no longer perfectly level. Though this issue is a little trickier to deal with in terms of bringing the right solution for your needs, you can depend on the professional services brought to you by Enid Foundation Repair to bring the results required. Whether through a mud jacking service or otherwise, your professional foundation repair expert will bring you all the information you need to make an informed and proper decision on how to treat tilting in your Enid area homes foundation.

The Right Repairs
            Each of the services we provide when it comes to your homes foundation and concrete repairs and treatments are geared towards bringing you effective and long lasting results, and when dealing with concrete lifting, the wrong results can make matters worse on a more permanent basis. This is why we put every bit of expertise and attention necessary into every task we undertake, to ensure that when our professionals are done on your property that you have the proper resolutions in place, and that you can depend on your concrete surfaces on your property to last, and operate effectively for the life of your home.